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News | 28 June 2023

Hard disks are data protection time bombs

Anyone who does not observe the most important rules when dealing with storage media already has one foot in crime. The highest security standards are therefore mandatory for the life cycle of a storage medium. CC4 can provide valuable services here.

The fact that you can’t be too careful is shown by a recent case of a very well-known DAX company (see link at the end of the text). A hard drive with employee data found itself on eBay.
So what has to be done? The whereabouts and movement of a medium must be fully documented from the time it enters the sphere of the company until it leaves or is destroyed. The use of a medium and the transfer of a medium must be verifiably transferred to the responsibility of an employee by signature. What constitutes sensitive data must be precisely defined, both for inside the company and for outside. If sensitive data is stored on a medium, it must be securely erased in accordance with the highest technical standards before it is passed on. Of course, this also applies within the company and even more so outside the company. Wherever possible, encrypted hard disks should be used.
Since storage media must be replaced regularly for security reasons, monitoring, securely erasing and destroying data media within a company can become a mega-task. It is not uncommon for extremely large volumes and frequencies to be involved. This is precisely where CC4’s IT remarketing services come in. As a professional IT remarketer, CC4 takes over the service of secured erasure and monitoring of the medium life cycle.
Our trained and tested personnel take over the used IT equipment, if necessary also the packaging, and organize the safe removal with the company’s own GPS-monitored fleet and the drivers employed by us to our bulky storage facilities. For this purpose, we provide collection boxes and professional packaging material.
We record the equipment taken over in detail, actual condition, exact model designation, performance data, serial number, inventory number if applicable, and much more. Subsequently, we precisely survey the condition of the equipment. An audit report is prepared and made available to our customers.
For all systems, we offer Common Criteria and BSI-compliant erasure of data, including transmission of the deletion report. Data carriers that cannot be deleted by software are destroyed: by shredding, thermal destruction or demagnetization (degaussing).
Our processes are digitalized end-to-end and for good reason CC4 does everything itself: Only with this 360-degree approach can we guarantee the security of your data. CC4 is the first IT remarketing company in Austria with 3 ISO certifications, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 2700