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Who is CC4?

CC4 is an owner-managed company with subsidiaries in Austria and Germany

CC4 takes over all remarketing services and remarkets your used hardware. We specialize in professional remarketing of used IT equipment on a large scale. We offer our services individually or as a complete package. Our customers include many well-known companies in Austria and Germany. In addition to large corporations and government agencies, numerous medium-sized and smaller companies also rely on our efficiency and reliability.
In addition to complying with contractual and legal requirements, we are committed to meeting deadlines and responding to inquiries in a binding manner. We deliver our services to you within the agreed timeframe, thereby strengthening your confidence in our company. We respond to your inquiries in a friendly, competent and reliable manner and take the time to listen to your concerns. We are committed to charitable and social projects and support a sustainable, environmentally conscious way of doing business.

CC4 is part of the TSPD Group

The activities of the TSPD Group are focused on the area of Circular IT

The TSPD Group is a young and dynamic group located in the heart of Europe with headquarters in Vienna, Austria and subsidiaries in Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Malaysia and the USA. The activities of the group are focused on the area of Circular IT. Within the scope of Circular IT, the services of the TSPD Group companies cover almost all areas of IT infrastructure.

Our mission

CC4 ensures that IT equipment is used longer to conserve resources

We stand for a world in which things are used for a very long time, in the best case forever. For us, this is the decisive answer to conserving resources and raw materials. This responsible use of our limited resources keeps our planet livable for future generations. We therefore advocate that the use of things, by which we mean tools in the narrower sense, be designed from the outset for longevity, recyclability and alternative use. In the case of existing things, we look for a solution that allows them to be used longer than usual. In this way, we want to lead life on earth in a healthy cycle with nature, in order to leave our children and grandchildren a more beautiful and liveable world.
CC4 wants to contribute to keeping our world worth living in. We have made it our mission to extend the life cycle of IT equipment in order to conserve raw materials and resources. Our mission is to use IT longer – save resources. Keeping existing IT equipment in use longer is what we call IT remarketing, and it means keeping IT equipment in use longer. The foundation of sustainability lies in extending the useful life of equipment. Keeping existing equipment in use longer delays the purchase of new equipment. In many cases, this is an economic advantage for our customers.

Core processes

CC4 offers you maximum security: our core processes are holistic in nature and encompass not only the entire company and each of our employees, but also each supplier and customer

Our processes are complete, closed and fully digital. This means that your data and your customers’ data are fully protected. The following core issues form the indispensable background of all our processes:

We comply with national and EU directives, laws and regulations, in particular the GDPR (DSGVO) and the Waste Management Act.

Our company is managed according to standardized operational guidelines, ISO-compliant and structured processes. From collection and processing to erasure and recycling, all processes are fully documented. Our employees receive ongoing training from internal and external specialists.

The company’s processes are complete, closed and digitized throughout. State-of-the-art tools are used for all processes. All processes are fully digitally documented.

Your data and the data of your customers are consistently and comprehensively protected:
– The order is processed in compliance with the GDPR (DSGVO).
– The company’s own trained staff collects the used IT equipment and processes the transaction.
– Our own fleet of vehicles guarantees a closed logistics chain.
– We store the used IT equipment directly in one of our secure restricted warehouses.
– The used IT equipment is recorded and anonymized.
– Processing is documented and data erasure is certified.
– The site is monitored and alarmed.
– CC4 has its own data protection officer (Datenschutzbeauftragten) for the General Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO). He can be consulted if necessary.


Security through tested standards

ISO 9001
Quality Management System

ISO 27001
Information Security

ISO 14001
Environmental Management

Compliance with Recycling and Waste Management Laws

CC4 ensures that IT equipment is used longer to conserve resources

CC4 is a pioneer in handling waste from the “preparation for reuse” process and ensures full compliance with the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act.


A consistent quality policy is recognized

The cornerstone of our corporate philosophy is to be an attractive workplace for talented and committed employees. We are therefore particularly pleased to have received the “Employer of the Future” award from the German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization, based in Hamburg.

The German Innovation Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization, DIND for short, supports German SMEs with the “Employer of the Future” initiative in conjunction with DUP Unternehmer Medien and the German Entrepreneur Exchange DUB. 

The patron of this initiative is the former German Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries.

Our managing directors Klaus Bölling and Ernst Schöny were also presented with the “Entrepreneur of the Future” award by this same institute. According to DIND, the seal is awarded to future-oriented entrepreneurs who are characterized by their unique ability to learn from experience and skilfully combine this with the challenges of tomorrow. Their implementation is sustainable, clear and with the strong support of their employees.