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CC4 takes care of all remarketing services and remarkets used hardware

IT Remarketing to the highest international standards

As a full-service remarketing provider, our services range from collection and secure storage to standardized processing, certified erasure, sustainable recycling, profitable resale and professional disposal. We offer these services individually or as a complete package. We work to the highest international standards and are certified several times to provide the highest level of security and quality in the recycling of your used equipment. All processes and services are strictly standardized and carried out in-house. Our customers include well-known companies in Austria and Germany. Among them are many top 500 companies.

CC4 ensures that IT equipment is used longer to conserve resources

Extending the life cycle of IT equipment is an enormous contribution to sustainability

CC4 has set itself the task of making IT equipment usable for longer and thus helping to conserve resources.

From an environmental and resource perspective, IT is anything but sustainable. Ultra-short product cycles, extreme energy consumption, rapid battery replacement requirements, oversized equipment, depletion of scarce resources, and unresolved recycling issues, among others, are impressive evidence of this.

From today’s perspective, this makes IT a threat to our environment. However, we no longer want to miss out on the benefits and advantages of IT. On the one hand, we are looking for clever solutions to make IT equipment last longer, and on the other hand, we want to create access to the longer use of IT equipment.
Extending the life of existing IT equipment is what we call IT remarketing, and it means keeping IT equipment in use for longer. The basis of sustainability here is the extended useful life of the equipment. Using existing equipment longer delays the purchase of new equipment. In many cases, this is an economic advantage for our customers.

The benefits of IT Remarketing

Thinking to the end and conserving resources

Thanks to our professional IT remarketing, you can conserve resources and take a decisive step against the shortage of raw materials in our throwaway society.

CC4 is a processor in the sense of the DSGVO with its own data protection officer. We erase your data according to the highest technical standards, certified and legally compliant.

By working with us, your employees save valuable time that can be better spent on their core competencies.

We dispose of non-recyclable used IT equipment in a profit-oriented, professional and environmentally friendly manner.

You get a flexible concept tailored to your needs for IT remarketing or recycling or end-of-life management of your used IT equipment, combined with roll-out and roll-back services.

Let your employees use used IT equipment at attractive employee rates! There are no employment benefits associated with processing through our organization. The purchase is therefore exempt from payroll tax.

Based on our experience and a corresponding network of buyers, we achieve a maximum yield for you.

What's new with us?

Stay up to date with us

Anyone who does not observe the most important rules when dealing with storage media already has one foot in crime. The highest security standards are therefore mandatory for the life cycle of a storage medium. CC4 can provide valuable services here.

CC4 is constantly setting new standards in IT remarketing. In addition to the ISO 14001 certification, which has been in place for some time, the team around CEO René Rubant was also able to obtain the ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications. This makes CC4 the first IT remarketing company in Austria with 3 ISO certifications.

We rethought our advent tradition and chose candles. In the run-up to Christmas, it is a CC4 tradition that all employees receive a chocolate Advent calendar. This year, we rethought this custom in light of our mission to conserve resources and use IT equipment longer.